Angel was an absolute DREAM to work with! He kept every commitment to us: completion time, pricing, and quality execution. He asked for our input throughout the whole process, communicated throughout, and even followed up with us weeks later to make sure that we still loved his work. Angel is not the cheapest contractor you can hire, but he is the absolute best and you get what you pay for. We cannot wait to work with him again! I cannot recommend ACW more highly.

Candice Figlio-Hernandez

ACW Improvements completed a total remodel of the Master Bathroom. Angel's work is amazing and went beyond what our expectations were for the bathroom. His craftsmanship is masterful and we would recommend ACW and Angel to anyone that wants to make their vision come to life. When he says "Let us bring your vision to life" it is so true. We are so happy with the new bathroom. We are looking forward to using ACW and Angel for the remaining projects in our house.

Dan Roman

Angel has done several jobs for me, bathroom and basement remodeling, deck repair, electrical work. Most recently built a beautiful and sturdy pergola on my patio. Always honest, professional, high quality work, and keeps me informed every step of way. Someday he will be doing my kitchen!

Tim Morgan

We cannot say enough good things about ACW! Our basement is beautiful. Angel transformed this ugly dark space into a usable extension of our home. The workmanship is top notch! This project was not only completed well ahead of schedule but it was done in a way that was seamless with our daily activities. Angel assisted with everything from the design to the construction and the finishing touches. We will absolutely use ACW for our next project.


ACW has been very responsive and has provided effective solutions each time we have called on them.

ACW's work ethic is unsurpassed.

On a couple occasions emergency service was required and/or a quick turnaround deadline for building maintenance work to be completed. The work was completed well, quickly, and on time, according to the need.

Our company owns and operates a 100+ year old, brick, professional office building in a downtown business district with both owner-occupied and rental space. As it goes with old buildings, frequent repairs are needed.

We have called on ACW 4 times in the last 6 months for work as varied as painting (interior and exterior), sheet rock repair from water damage, exterior window trim replacement, some basement waterproofing, re-installation of a metal cap on the building's exterior wall blown off in a wind storm, and, most recently, raising and supporting a floor that had sunk in one corner due to a water-damaged sill plate.

ACW provides very able and dependable service.

John Garavento
General Manager
Boston Technologies Inc.

John Garavento

I cannot recommend ACW more strongly than by saying this company is the best I have ever contracted with for home improvements. The owner and primary contractor, Angel, is a professional without equal. He has been excellent at diagnosing difficult problems, and identifying underlying problems that previous contractors could not locate. And once problems were identified, he was able to develop solutions that others had been unable to produce. His expertise in fixing plumbing, electrical, and structural problems is remarkable. The other wonderful thing about Angel is what a kind, sensitive person he is. He never does any repair without first explaining what the problems is and why his suggested solution makes sense. In our house he repaired plumbing and structural issues in ways designed to limit our expenses, but which were very effective. Finally, Angel is a charming and interesting person with whom to interact. In closing, I can say without hesitation that I know Angel would never pad a bill, or do unnecessary work to increase his profit. Again, I cannot recommend ACW strongly enough.

Terry Page

I would recommend and have recommended Angel to family and friends. He is a rare combination of tenacity, honesty, extensive knowledge and amazing ability.
He totally renovated our upstairs bathroom which is our guest bathroom and we couldn't be more pleased. He did a beautiful job.
He also made many repairs that other contractors could not or would not even attempt.
We trust him so much we gave him the keys to our house when we were on vacation.
He's a gifted contractor and an even better person.

Kathleen Federici

Angel did an amazing job converting my fiberglass tub into a walk in tub. We couldn't be happier! I highly recommend him!!!

Michele Egberts

Partial remodel of 2 bathrooms that had plumbing issues. Wonderful work and extremely conscientious. The attention to detail is amazing. Highly recommend ACW for anyone that wants quality work. He is extremely efficient. We will now have him do the master bath. Our only regret is that we did not find him sooner to have earlier projects done by him instead. We are grateful for his work and his work ethic. We are now some of his biggest fans. I want to express our gratitude.

Marcia Yates

Angel of ACW is highly skilled, dedicated, efficient, creditable and a proficient craftman. Every time he takes on a job he does absolutely magnificent work. His work ethics are above reproach. When Angel takes on a job you can count on him to put 100% of his superior talents and efforts into that assignment until it is completed to his satisfaction and be assured his standards are of the highest quality that I have ever encountered.
On many occasions, when I needed repairs or renovations done, I hired Angel to do the work. He was responsive to my questions and willing to explain the details and specifics of the job in a way I could understand. Thus, after his first assignment in my home I knew I would never hire anyone other than Angel.

I can honestly state without reservation, Angel did the most amazing, proficient and skillful work on my repairs and renovations. Additionally, I always get awesome complements on his work whenever I have visitors to my home. Everyone I know is very impressed and wants to hire him immediately.

Angel is our Guy every time!

Jeanne Affrunti

Angel was on site at 7 am every morning and worked until 7:30pm every evening.

I had a complete remodeling done of my kitchen/dining room. Angel said "HE" would be done in 4 weeks! Well - 3 weeks & 3 days later he was done! He also spackled, painted & did trim work to my living room! Angel is an artist & perfectionist. His designs were exactly what I wanted. Four other contractors told me my kitchen/dining room remodeling could not be done!

Angel worked nonstop, with such dedication & professionalism- very impressive! His honesty, integrity & positive attitude truly made this project a pleasure! I would highly recommended ACW Improvements for any home remodeling dreams you have! He definitely gave me my dream kitchen.

Caroline Calin